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Saturday, October 8, 2011

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My blog has now moved to

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Monday, December 27, 2010

The Holiday Gift

It's been a few weeks since my last posting, for this I apologize to everyone. During this time so much has happened!

My Sir has taken me to new plateaus in my training, the Pervs and Furs Party took place and so much else.

The party was a complete success; Wetsuit Jay and Rubberasylum hosted for a group of 25 that converged on the house for a night of movies and camaraderie.

The mix of furs and gearmen was allot of fun with each group meeting the other, finding out that in many ways there are so many similarities between the two groups that came together.

The movies turned into more background entertainment with some finding their way to the playroom, others wandering about, talking between each other, along with a nice showing of fun gear and of course, furries making their way through the crowd.

I couldn't resist getting into my own suit for a while. Sometimes you just need to set your furry side free and be a big doggie for a bit.

I have to thank my Sir and Wetsuit Jay for bringing the two groups of us together. Without the helping hands of both of them things like this most likely wouldn't happen with two separate but like minded sets of people.

My training has been advancing also. I have found I want to go deeper and deeper into new realms with Him. His guiding ways in so many aspects of my life has given me a new drive to want to please Him.

My body has changed because of my Masters and His desires for a better pup. I have a long way to go still with this part of me but the paybacks along with both of their praises and encouragement makes everything more than worth it to me.

This also helps so much when it comes to other parts of my time spent with Sir. He pushes me further in the playroom, putting me into more difficult situations, pushing me further which I love!

Being completely restrained on the bondage table unable to hardly even struggle is such an amazing feeling, Him pushing me past levels I never even thought of.

Knowing now that both my Master and Sir asked me to do so many things only to help myself enjoy the situations they wanted me to know the pleasures of. For this I have to offer them my deepest thanks.

The training sessions that have been given to me range from sleeping in an amazing straitjacket Sir has and also sleeping in the leather sleepsack. This I absolutely love!

Knowing that you're trapped and restrained until your Sir wants you free, unable to touch any part of yourself only makes it that much more frustrating and amazing!

Sir doesn't offer me this very often keeping it as a special treat for me. I like it that way. He always makes it special, gagging me in my puppy hood, sometimes blindfolding me for the night letting me lay there trapped and whimpering, wanting to paw off so bad as i hump against whatever is tightly holding my body be it the leather of the sleepsack or my rubber jock holding my cock so firmly for the whole night.

We celebrated our Christmas this previous weekend because I will be travelling to see family over the "proper" holiday.

I had hoped to be able to spend my season with Wetsuit Jay and Rubberasylum but a pup should see his parents and siblings once in a while too. *wags*

Sir and Wetsuit Jay were very thoughtful in the gifts they gave me. They found a wonderful stuffed rottie for me that immediately made it into Sirs bedroom, taking a place on his bed and they also gave me an awesome bondage hood!

Its from DevilDog Rubber with only nose holes that zips and laces up the back! When I opened that present all I could do was thank them both over and over!

Wetsuit Jay told me i should shine it up being it was still covered in the powder that it was crafted with. I went and got my silicone, spending the next hour shining and polishing it.

When I finished Sir told me i should try it on motioning for me to sit in front of Him. I was so excited! He pulled it over my head and the rubbers scent filled my nostrils. The sensation of him zipping it shut then feeling him lace it tight onto my head was so intense!

When He finished He softly petted over my head telling me I was such a good puppy. I felt so loved and happy sitting there only able to listen to Him speaking to me. He told me that we would play tomorrow and even though I whimpered and felt like I couldn't wait, I knew He would take me to another new high with such an awesome hood to add to my experience!

That night Rubberasylum let me sleep in the sleepsack. He rubbed across my body, teasing lightly over my hard cock as I tried to hump at his hand, hearing him laugh softly before telling me to go to sleep, Him rolling over to leave me laying there completely hard and frustrated, letting me whimper for his touches.

Sir awoke to find me struggling inside the sleepsack. He laughed again as I grunted past the gag in my muzzle playfully petting me before he began to let me free.

As soon as I was out of the sack I began humping his leg, feeling myself rub against him. He doesn't allow me to paw myself and I was so horny after everything that had happened so far during my weekend stay.

He told me that we would play later on then ordered me to go make coffee and start breakfast for us all. Wetsuit Jay was just waking up as I went to the kitchen, putting on coffee and getting out the mornings breakfast supplies.

I cleaned up around the house as a good dog should, helping with cooking when I was able to. My mind kept wandering off to the time I would get to play with Sir, wanting to know what he had planned for me, a small amount of nervousness sneaking in also as I thought about the gift, the new hood that I was sure Sir would want me to wear later on!

We made our way to the playroom after Sir took care of a few things he needed to complete. He stood by the bondage table looking at me, a sly grin on his face as he told me to undress.

I immediately complied, my naked body there in front of Him, unable to hide my excitement as he took the new hood off the table, handing it to me. "Put this on and hold it so I can get it tight on you" He said and as I put it over my head, watching as my sight disappeared i felt my breathing becoming a bit labored, the small nose holes the only way to get any air into my lungs.

He zipped it shut then pulled on the lacing, making it much more tight than the previous night. The hood wrapped around my head so perfectly. All I could feel was the rubber stretching over me, forming perfectly against my skin.

The hood made a perfect seal against the outside, covering my head in smooth slick shiny rubber. I couldn't breathe through my mouth at all as Rubberasylum checked it, tightening it a bit more.

"Are you alright dog?" he asked, watching as I nodded yes. "OK, now for the gasmask."

He picked a gasmask and pulled it onto me, adjusting it perfectly, tightening down the straps. I felt him put a tube on the intake making me work even more for my air before gently pressing me back to the bondage table.

"Lay down dog, you know the drill" he told me, helping me get into position just a little bit knowing i was unable to see anything.

I felt him pull each strap over my body, securing me down. Soon after came the ropes on my balls and around my cock. He made them tight also, hearing me grunt and try to squirm, all the while only able to breathe through my new hood. It was already so intense!

"Now you're all mine to use as I want, you know that don't you dog?" he asked me.

I don't know if He saw me nod or not, what I did know was he got the clothespins out, I felt them drop between my legs. He started with my balls, every one sending a jolt of pain into me as he placed them.

He continued up my body, the light pinches slowly fading as pin after pin was put in place. When he reached my nipples I felt an even tighter grip. He got the nipple clamps!

I whimpered and struggled as he tightened them even harder, a wonderful mix of pain and pleasure coursing through me by this point.

"You cant do anything about it dog, you're all mine" he stated, "Remember your contract? You don't have any say in what I want to do to you."

I don't know how many clothespins he put on me, taking time between sets to play with my cock, stroking me slowly, letting me savor the pleasures before returning to his playing, at times when i yelped giving me a hit of poppers, listening to me moan in bliss as my whole body pulsed.

I felt him rub over the sets of clothespins making them pull and tug on my skin with every touch

"I ran out, and still so much skin to cover, I think next time you're here we need to get more for you."

All i could do was lay there and listen, feeling him swat my balls making me tense which made every clothespin tug on me even more! I was in heaven!

Sir took my cock and lubed it up, putting the Venus on me next! I felt it suck me inside, stroking me slowly until He turned it up faster and faster. My mind was lost in everything that was happening! I wanted to pant but all i could do was continue to breathe slowly, the new hood controlling me, knowing that my Sir had me just as he wanted, unable to do anything as he turned me into his plaything!

He began tugging the clothespins off next making me moan and yelp as best I could, not opening them but literally pulling them free keeping them closed.

It was indescribable, the ecstasy of the endorphins rushing through me as every one came off that way, my cock being sucked ruthlessly until finally I couldn't take it any more!

I shot into the Venus over and over as the last pins came off, my whole body reacting from everything happening to me! My breathing still completely restricted making everything all the more wild!

All I can say is that Rubberasylum continues to push every limit I thought I had. I am the luckiest dog to be able to call him my Sir and that my Master allows me to be trained by Him.

The holidays always bring new presents, this one has to be the best that a pup could ever wish for.

Thank you all that are a part of my life. I may not say it enough but I adore and cherish every one of you.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend

It was a dark and stormy night.... 
Oh wait, that's another doggies stating line.  Work ended Wednesday and I had to head back to my house before leaving for Wetsuit Jays and Rubberasylums place. 

A nice long weekend with them and company was to come. 

I talked to my Master for a bit as I waited for time to pass.  I wished him a happy Thanksgiving even though he is in Canada, telling him I hoped the weekend found him enjoying his time.  I love him so much.  He chatted with me until traffic let up a bit and I left but not before telling him I missed feeling him holding me in his arms.

It took a bit of time with traffic and such, people afraid of snow along the journey plus holiday travellers but I made it to find Romperpup meeting me at the door giving me a big hug as I walked inside the door. 

Sir met me with his beaming smile welcoming me back along with Wetsuit Jay giving me a hug.  I ran downstairs soon after and got my shower getting into my puppygear as Sir told me returning to the group upstairs to settle down for a quiet evening of cuddles and movies. 

Tomorrow was going to be a busy day with others heading over for dinner.  In the group we would have Moosepup and his partner and Rufus along with Dizzy, a friend of Rufus'.  Also coming would be Sparky and his partner Damian.  There would be a full house to celebrate a fun Thanksgiving.
The morning came too soon as Sir woke me.  There was so much to do before everyone would show up.  The kitchen was a blur of activity with Wetsuit Jay manning the turkey and sweet potatoes, Rubberasylum taking care of the other dinner items.  Stuffing, mashed potatoes, veggies, the list goes on. 

Romper and I tried to help as best we could, cleaning up, setting the table and greeting friends as they came to the door.  Six p.m. rolled around and we all sat down to a wonderful meal.  It was awesome being surrounded by such a neat group of like minded friends enjoying their company as we ate. 

Everyone ate their fill and relaxed for a bit afterwards before heading to the living room with Sir telling Romper, Rufus and me to clean everything up.  A pups work is never done *grins*.  We set to our task with smiles on our faces.  A group of puppies can make any situation fun.

After cleaning and making sure the kitchen was cleaned we went to the living room with the others.  After a little bit Sir said we should get our pupgear back on.  None of us wasted any time as we headed off to wherever we had our things at!  Soon enough the group of pups were playing and wresting around. 

Moosepup joined in when he saw Rufus and I playing.  We all spent hours with each other, our Sirs looking over at times smiling and laughing as we wrestled and barked playing on the floor.  Moose had never gotten to be with other puppies and he had a great time!  I think we wore him out! 

Dizzy joined in with us also.  Hes a kitty, this gave us a perfect "enemy"!  All of us attacked him when he joined into the group.  Three pups can overpower a kitty we found out and soon after he was meowing for help as we tickled and held him down. 

Rufus and Dizzy play quite a bit.  The kitty is the dominant one, but I am sure Rufus enjoyed having puppy helpers holding down his "foe" as he gave him a bit of a payback at least for a little bit!  Even I finally had to stop frolicking.  I was beat from all the playing!  Sir patted his leg letting me up onto the couch next to him telling me to lay down. 

I crawled up and laid my head on his leg feeling him pet over my head as we watched television.  I drifted off for a little bit completely content.  Moosepup and Rufus were snuggled with their Sirs also.  It was a great day. 

Puppy friends over, Wetsuit Jay and Rubberasylum creating an amazing meal for everyone that came over.  They both certainly take of me.  I am a lucky pup to be surrounded by ones who love me!

To be continued,


Sunday, November 21, 2010

A New Puppy Brother! continued

... The night of hot tubbing ended all too soon.  It was nice snuggling against Moosepup and talking the evening away until we all decided it was time to head back inside and say our goodbyes.  Wetsuit Jay and Rubberasylum told Moosepup and his mate that they were always welcome to stop by as they gathered up their things and Rufus and I gave them both hugs and nuzzles before they headed back home. 

It was a very fun night spent making new friends, getting to meet another pup and his mate.  Rufus and I were told to get back into our puppygear as everyone got ready for bed.  we both helped each other get into our gear, pawing playfully over each other until Sir came down and told us it was time to sleep.  I watched as Rufus wandered off to his room, happy to know I had such an amazing brother, another puppy that I was proud to call mine.  I padded over to his room and wuffed softly, wishing him a good night before i went to sleep with Sir.  He held me as I fell asleep, its wonderful being a good puppy, being allowed to sleep in the bed as your Sir holds you.

    I woke up to a nice sunny day. Wetsuit Jay and Sir were already upstairs having coffee and I decided it was time to go wake up Rufus.  I ran over to his room and hopped up onto his bed, snuggling in against him, pawing down his back before holding him tight to myself. 

We just laid there for a bit as I held him finally both of us deciding it was time to go upstairs and whimper at Wetsuit Jay and Sir to be allowed out of our puppygear to have some coffee with them.  Sir has told me that I should never take off my gear myself. A puppy doesn't get to choose when he should be released, only his Master or Sir has that right. I took his "advice" to heart.  For one thing, its amazing to have your Sir control you, and also its fun to paw and whimper to your Sir, hearing and watching him as he asks you if you really need to have your paws removed, knowing that you aren't allowed to talk as you try to explain your reasons. 

We were both let free and we sat down and talked about what our days plans.  It was going to be a relaxed day, not many plans but just relaxing and spending time together.  After breakfast and cleaning up the dishes us 2 pups disappeared downstairs.  We made the beds and then wrestled around playing with each other.  Having a brother to spend time with is awesome.  We lost track of time ending up on one of the beds petting and snuggling until Sir yelled down " You have 5 minutes and then we are leaving!". 

We both stopped and jumped up getting on our clothes, running off to the garage where Wetsuit Jay and Sir were waiting.  They both laughed and told us it was time to go to the beach.  We set off on foot walking down the road for a little ways taking the footpath down to the waterfront.  We explored, my brother and me running ahead at times looking for treasures that might be washed up, not finding any but loving the time spent with our family.
Making it back to the house Sir told us to get back into our gear, helping both of us put our paws on, securing our hoods as he took us down to the playroom.  He grinned as he unpacked the one duffel bag pulling out a sleepsack and a straitjacket. Wetsuit Jay helped Rufus into the straitjacket and with Rubberasylums help had him secured and whimpering in no time.  He looked so good standing there.  Hes a beautiful puppy and restrained he looks even better.  I am proud to call him brother.  Wetsuit Jay took him to the inversion table and started to secure him to it as Sir turned his attention to me.  He pointed to the sleepsack and told me "Lay down pup." 

My heart leaped as I lay down, feeling the smooth leather press to my body as Sir started to zip me inside it.  When he had the zipper fully up and the collar snapped shut I couldn't help but squirm.  Every inch of my body was trapped and then he took the straps and buckled them shut also.  After that he took out my gag, snapping it into my hood before kneeling back on his heels inspecting his handiwork.  "There, now its time to teach the puppy something new!" I looked up at him and whimpered as he pulled out the clothespins, feeling him open the sleepsack pulling out my cock.  Sir laughed as I squirmed, feeling the clothespins grip against me.  I couldn't help it, I was rock hard! 

Sir covered my balls first then continued onto my shaft leaving me that way to struggle and whimper as he went over to "torment" Rufus.  I could hear his moans and whimpers as I lay there knowing my brother was enjoying his playing also.  Sir came back to me after a bit, I really cant say how long it was, and started to pull the clothespins off.  Every one sending a jolt through me, a mix of pain and pleasure that drove me further and further into a state of ecstasy.  All I can say is that it was amazing. 

Sir rubbed every spot as he removed the pins one by one, the rush hitting me harder until he took off the last one.  The feeling over my whole body was amazing as he rubbed over me, still catching small rushes of pleasure as I throbbed, wanting Sir to push me over the edge.  He looked into my eyes and grinned "Its not about you puppy"  he said  "Its about your Sirs wants."  With that he stopped playing with me, leaving me there whimpering and squirming.....   Sir and Wetsuit Jay went and played with Rufus leaving me there one very frustrated puppy.  I cant complain about any of it!  An awesome weekend filled with amazing things. 

A perfect way for two pups to spend their time.

To be continued...

Monday, November 15, 2010

A New Puppy Brother... Perhaps...

..It was going to be a fun weekend, I could tell from the messages and talks Sir had had with me over the previous week.  I was going to have another pup visiting this weekend and Wetsuit Jay and Rubberasylum and i were going to have a talk, this was going to be a special visit, one where we all would discuss the possibility of having the visiting puppy become a brother to me. 

Sir and i had discussed it a small bit during the past week, Him telling me that he didn't want to upset me in any way by asking if i would have any reservations on this, telling me that He wasn't trying to replace me in any way, he wanted me to be happy and our visitor to be happy also with this decision, whatever the outcome might be. 

Rubberasylum was not home yet, and after i said my hellos to Wetsuit Jay and the pup i excused myself to go shower and get into my pup gear before Rubberasylum got home.   Sir came home just as i was getting into the shower, walking into the bathroom to give me a big hug. It was nice to see him again, i had been looking forward to seeing him all week. I told him as much


After showering i got into my pupgear and went out to be with my family. It was nice to lay down on the floor and just be with them, every once in a while feeling a hand or a foot brush over my body as they talked and watched TV.  The visiting pup was asked why he wasn't in gear. With that he was off, grinning to get suited up. 

Soon after there he was, another puppy laying beside me.  It didn't take long before we were both playing,  barking at each other, wrestling around on the floor.  Wetsuit Jay went and got steaks off the grill while we played. Sir called to us telling us to set the table for supper, letting us out of our hoods and paws.  We did our best, only forgetting a few things like salad tongs and such. 

It was an excellent meal, Wetsuit Jay is a pro at cooking on the grill and Rubberasylum is a Master in the kitchen.  We enjoyed good conversation and each others company ate, us 2 pups cleaning off the table when we finished, a pups life has chores also but its well worth it to make the ones you call your family feel you appreciate them for everything they do.

After doing dishes and cleaning up with the other pups help we went to watch a movie, both of us back in our puppygear, being allowed to be on the furniture even! 

We were told the next morning we would be going off to the cabin for the rest of the weekend and that we would have 2 visitors coming for supper also while we were there.  This was fun news to hear.  As we sat down and got comfortable, Sir brought up a serious question to me and our visiting puppy. 

Rufus was sitting with me as Sir asked him if he would like to be a part of our family also, to be a brother to me and become a part of the family.  I think Rufus was a bit shocked to hear this, he stopped and then lunged forward, giving Rubberasylum a huge hug, nodding and whimpering happily. 

I tried to be good,, sitting there but couldn't hold back as i hugged my new puppy brother, nuzzling and pawing at him, letting him go so he could go hug Wetsuit Jay also, the true Alpha of the family.  I was thrilled to have a brother, another puppy to be able to frolic with and share the amazing things that happen.  I was thrilled that Rufus accepted the offer! 

We all enjoyed a mellow night of movies before heading off to bed. Sir let Rufus come along also and we all settled down to catch some sleep before our excursion the next day, only a little bit of playful pawing and such between us 2 puppies before Sir told us to settle down or go to the kennel.

I woke up to find Sir had made coffee and i whimpered to be let out of my paws and hood.  Sir has told me i should never remove any of my gear without his approval, especially my paws and hood.  Only he should do that, period.  He let me out, telling me to get my things together also for the trip, also saying to grab a few things from the playroom. 

Rufus and i went to do our errands, running around the house getting things packed up and as soon as everything was in the car we were off.  We stopped at a few thrift stores on the way to the ferry and Rufus found a small wolf he wanted.  He didn't have any cash on him so Wetsuit Jay let him borrow 2 dollars to pay the man selling the wolftoy. As we all walked away Rufus Gave him a big hug, making the guy and others watching laugh playfully.  Rufus had his wolf dolly 


Rufus took his wolf everywhere with him after that.

We made it to the cabin, unpacked and then were ordered back into our puppygear, allowed to play until it was time for our guests to arrive. 

Sir cooked with us 2 pups helping where we could and after a very nice meal we all retired to the living room to talk to the pup and his mate.  Moosepup lived on the same island we were on, and we talked a bit, getting to know the two of them, Rufus and i rolling around on the floor barking and playing in between answering questions with nods and yips, our guests getting to know Wetsuit Jay and Sir a bit better.  The rest of the night was spent hot tubbing and talking, Rufus and i allowed to wear wetsuits in the tub as we all got to know each other better.

To be continued....


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Rottie gets Bent :)

Things have been crazy lately.  Deciding on the want of a new business venture for myself, birthday, visitors, the loss of someone important in many peoples lives, the list goes on.   During all of the chaos of the last month I let many things press off to the sidelines.  My Sir noticed signs that I was rather scattered and as his usual self did his best to make me feel better. I owe Him and Wetsuit Jay so much. They offer me a family and a loving home to call my own.  They are really wonderful guys. 

  I think I will start anew with the weekend of Halloween.  I was asked to stay in town by a group of my friends. They had gotten tickets to the "Bent Party" that was going to be held Saturday night.  I told Sir that I had plans in place (they had purchased tickets almost a month before the actual date) and I wouldn't be coming up to see Him.

He understood and even though He said he would miss me being with them, He understood and told me to have fun. 

The weekend started out rather crazy, others running all over the city to find the perfect outfits, others asking if they could borrow a few things from me to make their costumes complete, and me trying to shine up rubber and such so I looked like a proper puppy at the party. 

There was going to be a dinner served beforehand and as the time grew near everyone started to gather at Wolftales place.  There was flurry of activity as the guys in our group got their costumes on, me trying to help where I could until finally it was time for me to get dressed up.  Of course i chose to go as a rubberpuppy! 

As I got into my latex, the ones that had never seen this side of me started to take notice. I got into my catsuit in private then came out of the bedroom to utter silence as the 3 who had never seen this side of me looked on.  I think i might have taken them by surprise as I walked over to put on my boots and my latex trench coat, packing up my puppy hood and mitts for the journey into the city. 

We all took 2 cars into town, making it to the place the party was at and piled out.  The valet guys all took a second glance as we exited the car, one even asking "Where are you going to put your valet slip?" as I grinned inside my hood, giving him a playful "woof!", pointing at my codpiece.  We went into the building and were ushered downstairs where the other party goers were gathering.  It would be another 30 minutes or so until supper was to be served and our group mingled, walking around the room hearing playful barks and such as we passed others. 

There was a photographer there taking pictures for people so they would remember the night. I thought about doing this but decided that with a camera in tow already I wouldn't need one and started walking away. I walked by him and he stopped me, looking me over before he asked if he could take my picture anyways.  It was fun having him sit me down, telling me to pose just a certain way as he clicked the shots.  When it was over I went back to the table and sat down grinning from ear to ear. 

The supper was fun, the mayor of the city was there and he stopped by our table, joking with the pirate we had in our posse' before heading up to the podium to officially start the nights festivities.  We had our Halloween dinner, chatting with the ones around us and when it wrapped up we went upstairs to the main hall, finding many others dancing and enjoying the night. There was going to be a contest for the costumed ones, Best Group, Best Individual, and Best Bent. 

I wasn't in full gear as the prejudging group went by, hearing them ask a friend if he would be one of the 5 for "Best Bent".  I missed my chance to be in the contest!  As they took down his name and told him when he should go on stage I just stayed in my seat, I wasn't going to scramble to try and catch them.  Ank, a furry friend of mine was all smiles as they walked away.  "Lucky Doggie"  I told him as he stood there in motocross gear with his fursuit head and paws on. 

Looking at the other contestants, I was pretty sure he had a very good chance of taking first place.  After a drink we went down onto the dance floor, looking into the crowd, enjoying the fun atmosphere when Wolftales shouted over to me "Get into the dance beads!"  He had talked to the girl that was dancing on the platform, her body surrounded by shining beads that circled her body hung from the ceiling.  I told him absolutely not!  With that both her and him grabbed my paws, pulling me up to the platform, her telling me that I had to now, she didn't stop dancing to have me say no, and with that I stepped up, going inside the shining bead surround, swaying and gyrating as the music thumped away. 

I am not sure how long I was dancing for but it was amazingly fun!  Let me tell you, you cant see a thing beyond the shroud you're dancing inside when you do that!  When I stopped and poked my head out there was a group surrounding the platform, everyone gazing up at me as I stepped down, the dancer grabbing my paw telling me "You dance amazingly! I was worried when you went up there but, wow!"  Hearing that was the super ego boost!  I walked away as she went back to her catlike swaying, hearing whispers as I went to the bar. It was turning into a very very awesome night! 

Time flys when you're having fun and midnight was soon upon us all.  The announcer went on the mike saying the contest was to begin.  Everyone gathered around the stage watching as the chosen ones made it up onto the platform, walking down the runway, displaying their costumes before stopping in front of the 3 judges for a final glance.  We had quite a distinguished panel for judges. Portland Mayor Sam Adams along with KINK FM DJ Inessa and Byron Beck, Portland's very own "Perez Hillton" if you will.  The announcer called up everyone, sending them onstage and as she announced it was time for Best Bent we all got Ank in position, waiting to send him up on stage. And that's when it happened.

I felt a hurried tap on my shoulder and was asked if I would be in the competition also!  I just nodded my head and the person who asked my hustled me up to the announcer, telling me just to tell her my name when she motioned to me. In a flash I was standing beside her and told her just to announce my costume as a rubberpup.  She told the crowd the next contestant was a rubberpup and i walked down the catwalk, stopping at the end, turning around and bowing to applause and catcalls, walking back to the judges, seeing them all grinning as they looked me over. 

I bowed to them and woofed, turning to run down the stairs, disappearing into the crowd.  I didn't think anything more about it as we danced and flirted out on the floor until my friends grabbed my arm, telling me to get back onstage.  I looked around wondering what had happened and saw the party's announcer motioning for me to come.  As I jumped back onstage I was met with applause and laughter.  I won the Best Bent prize!  It was a perfect end to a perfect night!  I'm so happy I'm a rubberpup!  Opening the envelope I found $300.00 in gift certificates. 

Pretty awesome for going to a party where all I really wanted to do was just be a doggie and spend time with others who have open minds about such things.



Sunday, October 3, 2010

Furry Convention Weekend

So much has elapsed since my last posting. 

My Sir has been very nice to me, letting me invite friends over to meet him and play.  This past weekend was a fine example.  There was a convention in Seattle that I go to every year.  Its a gathering of furries from around the US known as Rain Furrest. 

Ahhh you know now. Yes I am a fur among other things. 

Sir had asked if I was planning on visiting him and I told him I would most likely be at this convention.  He told me that I should go and have a good time, see my friends and frolic about.  I would call Rubberasylum fur-curious.  HE talked to others that were planning on being in town for this and had set up a play session for visiting friends to attend. 

When everything came together we had 12 heading off to His place.  the ride there was good, traffic was flowing well and as we cruised down the interstate we talked and laughed about the previous day spent fursuiting and dancing and bumping into others we didn't even know were going to be there. 

The excitement grew as we pulled off the main street heading to Sirs home.  When we pulled into the driveway there was a flurry of  bodies getting bags out of the back of the truck, all of us heading down into the basement, everyone looking around at the different stations set up by Rubberasylum for us to enjoy. 

He had 7 areas set up, 2 sleepsacks, my kennel, 3 bondage tables along with restraint chairs also.  there was allot of activity as people got geared up.  I took along my pupgear as did 3 others, everyone else brought along their fursuits.  There was quite a fun looking mix of leather, rubber and fur wandering around when all was said and done.  Sir had asked that I help host our guests and I was more than happy to  offer a paw. 

He helped me into my latex, locking on my hood as I sat in front of him.  That thrill will never get old, the sensation of the rubber engulfing me , hearing the zipper close, then feeling Him bring the collar around, securing it on my neck, letting me return to being a pup.  I felt so happy as I stood up.  today I would need my hands to help out so my mitts were taken off, I would need to be able to grab things,  "a helper pup"  Sir said as i wuffed and nodded. 

I learned how to properly use the inflatable sleepsack, securing a zentai covered form inside it, hearing the soft moans and grunts as I played with him, then turned my attention to another fur strapped down on the bondage table.  The furry pup completely trapped and helpless, laying there for me to "torture". I spent a bit of time working on him.  He was quite skilled at whimpering and struggling.  I can see why Sir enjoys such things, i have to admit it was an exciting sight seeing him squirm,,, only to realize there was no escape from the situation he allowed himself to be put into. 

Looking around the room i noticed a leatherpup cuffed inside my kennel.  He seemed lonely as he lay there naked, his whole body just waiting for some attention.  I knelt down, reaching through the steel bars, lightly tracing my fingers over his form  as he squirmed.  There were other furs standing about and I motioned for some help, after all, pups need such things!  By the time I stood back up there were 2 others teasing the poor doggie! 

On top of my kennel there is another station, a bed with humane restraints set up on it.  Attached to this  was another fursuiter.  He whimpered as i let my paw rub across him.  His body heat meeting my touch as i leaned over him, looking into his eyes.  I couldn't resist, and i reached down, gripping tightly onto his cock hearing him gasp as I stroked him slowly, his body tugging against his restraints as I played.  

I rotated from station to station, having a great time, looking at the others there as they also found fun ways to make the bound ones whimper and yelp.  Sir during this time found one particular fur interesting.  He had asked him how he was doing and was told "alright, but i don't see many things that are of my interest."  He was wanting something more along the lines of  whips i later found out. 

Sir grinned as he brought him into the playroom,  having him lay down, putting multiple  restraints on his arms and legs, taking extra  care to be sure he wasn't going to get out.  After he was satisfied with that he got out the Venus, setting it on a slow methodical setting as he put row after row of clothespins across the plaything laying in front of him. 

Whimpers were heard through the gag placed underneath the hood on this one.  He had asked for something Sir would gladly offer, a mix of pain and pleasure, something that strikes all the right buttons when it comes to Rubberasylum.  I had to stop and watch when the whimpers turned to yelps.  His body pulling against the cuffs locked on him as row after row of clothespins were removed. Sir looking down at him as he thrashed about, laughing at times at him.  It was an amazing experience to even be able to watch.

We played for about 4 hours that afternoon, everyone agreeing it was a great time.  As we wound down, letting the helpless ones free, we all talked and laughed.   I ran off to order pizza for a supper as Sir and the others cleaned up a bit.  Someone said I should answer the door in my puppygear and I saw a bit of an evil grin from Sir  as he thought about it.  He did let me out of my gear before the pizza got there.  I thank him for that. 

At the con I would have done it in an instant, but, well that's a different mindset completely.   Everyone thanked Wetsuit Jay and Rubberasylum for their hospitality before we left to go back to the con.  We talked even more on the ride back, everyone recalling their experiences, hoping that next year perhaps something could be planned again. 

Here's hoping Sir will let us come back.